Hello, friends today I have come with a very very useful post. in this post, I will tell youtube 3 tricks which you have never think about it. I regularly use these tricks in an everyday day to day life.

So let’s get started with tricks…


YouTube 3 Tricks

YouTube 3 tricks that you don't know

Trick No 1: Change your YouTube app screen to full screen

Nowadays there is a trend of 18:9, 19:9, etc display. Today there is a very minimal phone which has a 16:9 display ration. On youtube videos are generally 16:9 and sometimes 18:9 but in our smartphone, these video appears with black useless borders. By this trick, you can easily convert any video on youtube platform as per your screen ration and watch your video without any borders.

Step to convert any video as per your Smartphone screen size


Open youtube app and play any video, the output of video will look like this.


Now drag/stretch the corners of youtube video to make it Full-Screen video (as per your smartphone screen).

You have successfully converted your Youtube video resolution/size as per your Screen size.


Trick No 2: Download Youtube video and save into your gallery without any app

Step to Download any Youtube video and save into your gallery

YouTube 3 tricks, You never think that it really exist

Watch this Below video for downloading video and save into your gallery.

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Trick No 3: YouTube Incognito Mode

YouTube 3 tricks, You never think that it really exist

We daily surf on the internet and on youtube platform to watch some videos but in some cases we require privacy means we don’t want these videos to get stored in history. If we watch some videos and we don’t want to save it in history we generally clear history one by one which it takes huge time. To save your this valuable time I have come with a trick which is not going to save your history. The trick is Incognito mode. When we are in Incognito mode not a single data get stored in memory or online. It doesn’t get stored in history.

Steps to Turn Incognito Mode ON

Step 1:

Go to settings in Youtube app

YouTube 3 tricks, You never think that it really exist

Step 2:

Click on turn Incognito Mode ON

YouTube 3 tricks, You never think that it really exist


You have finally turn ON your incognito mode and now no history will be stored in youtube database or phone memory.

Final Word:

So today I have shared you 3 tricks of youtube app and I bet that you have never seen this tricks on any other platform or social media this is only available on our site.


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