According to me as an author, Google play store has 5 best photo editing apps. We are going to discuss those photo editing apps by Google play store. We don’t have to buy this app. so let’s name those 5 photo editing apps and highlights its features.

Top 5 photo editing apps of Google PlayStore


  Snapspeed is a complete professional photo editor by Google.


  Key features

  •  Snapspeed has 29 amazing tools including HDR, Healing, Brush, Perspective, Blur background, etc.
  •  It can open JPG and RAW files and it can save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later.
  •  All styles can be done with excellent precise control.

  29 tools of Snapspeed

  •   Details
  •   Crop
  •   Rotate
  •   Perspective
  •   White balance
  •   Brush
  •   Selective
  •   Healing
  •   Vignette
  •   Curves
  •   Expand
  •   Lens Blur
  •   Glamour Glow
  •   Tonal Contrast
  •   HDR Scape
  •   Drama
  •   Grunge
  •   Grainy film
  •   Vintage
  •   Retrolux
  •   Noir
  •   Black & White
  •   Frames
  •   Double Exposure
  •   Face Enhance
  •   Face Pose
  •   Tune image

Why we should use Snapspeed ???

    Snapspeed is a professional photo editing app. In one app, one can do all editing such as blur, brightness, pose, portraits, etc. This app gives 29 amazing tools that we can use for photo editing and make our pictures and selfies be the more professional click.

 2. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a photo editing app which allows to enhance your clicks and let us make collage also. It is a complete photo editing app for all type of editing such as filters, double exposure, lens blur, etc.

Key features

  • PhotoEditor combines a feature-rich photo with richly creative collage maker.
  • It has ton live camera filters and effects to enhance your photos.
  • The in-app camera lets you change white balance or saturation, healing, etc.
  • You can apply live photo effects in real time and make other creative adjustments to your shots directly from the camera.

Why we should use PhotoDirector ???

  • PhotoDirector has powerful but easy Photo editing tools.
  • It has a pro-in-app camera for live effects.
  • Collage maker lets you tell stories even more with your photos.
  • It can intelligently remove objects from your selfies and photos.
  • Very easy to use HDR, photo effect and layer editing.
  • It has quick and easy photo sharing.


Pixlr is another Photo editing app by Google. It has outstanding features. You can unlock your creativity with Pixlr and of course, enhance your shot.

Key features

  • It has many tools to edit your photo.
  • It can stylize your image automatically.
  • Pixlr can intelligently edit your photo.

Why use Pixlr ???

  • Create a collage with a number of choices such as layout, background, and spacing.
  • Balance out the color in one easy click with Auto Fix
  • Blend multiple photos in a single photo for a unique look.
  • Stylize your image to look like pencil drawing, a sketch or an art.
  • One can remove blemishes, red-eye or whiten your teeth.
  • Focus on one color with Color Flash.
  • Give blur effect to your photos with Focal blur.
  • Resize image quickly after editing.

4. Sweet Selfie

This photo editing app is especially for selfies. If you love to take selfies all the time you should try this app.

Key features

  • Real-time effect
  • Awesome filters
  • Whiten teeth
  • Funny stickers
  • Stylish collage
  • One click to share
  • Change hairstyle

Why we should use Sweet Selfie ???

  • You can do a number of editing to your selfies with Sweet Selfie.
  • It is effortless to use.
  • It allows you a quick sharing.
  • You can change your hairstyle, whiten your teeth, etc.

 5. Adobe Photoshop Express

 This is another photo editing app. Adobe Photoshop Express can give a new excellence look to your photos and selfies.

Key features

It is a new way to change any photo into an artwork.
Just one touch to adjust contrast, whitening, brightening, etc.
Very easy to use its tools

Amazing Tools of Adobe Photoshop Express


  • Auto Fix
  • Blemish removal
  • Customization
  • Filters or Looks
  • Watermark images
  • Photo Frames
  • Image Resize
  • JPEG quality output

Why we should use Adobe Photoshop Express???


  •  It takes only one touch to adjust contrast, exposure and white balance.
  • Instantly lights up your selfies and photos.
  • It has powerful tools which are very easy to use.
  • You can easily resize your image.
  • Easily can create a collage in seconds.
  • One can easily reduce fog and haze.
  • Convenient in use.
  • We don’t have to purchase this.



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