Xiaomi has recently launched a budget laptop with extraordinary features but the main problem is this a value for money product. So in this article, we will talk about Reason not to buy Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air with Solution so let’s start now…

Reason’s not to buy Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air with Solution

Xiaomi mi notebook air problem

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (2018) is a rival of Apple MAC BOOK AIR. This model support Intel i5 Processor but in the old model of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air it supports only old processor so we can say that it is an upgrade version of old Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air.

Currently, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is only available in China and in future  Xiaomi is also planning to launch a global varriant which will be available to all over the world

Problem in Display:

The display resolution of this laptop is 1920×1080 (16:9) pixels with 170 degrees wide viewing angle. Specifications of display in such a price are extremely good but the main problem is bezels in the display. As we can see there is big bezel above and below display which makes unsuit for gamers.

Xiaome notebbok air problem

RAM Problem:

This laptop comes with 4GB Ram but we all know that in today’s environment whether its phone or computer we require minimum 6 GB of RAM. The company hasn’t given any information about ram can be increased or not.

Ram problem in xiaomi notebook air

Solution of Ram Problem:

The company hasn’t given information is this ram can be increased or not as per the specification of the motherboard there is a separate RAM slot where a separate 4 GB of RAM can be installed. There are several types of RAMs are available in the market. only a single type of RAM will support your laptop Xiaomi Notebook Air. The link to buy is here.

Problem in GRAPHIC CARD:

This Laptop has Intel HD Graphics integrated graphics 615 which is a basic graphics card made by Intel. You cannot play high-end graphics games such as GTA  V, Counterstrike, etc. You cannot use this laptop as a gaming laptop because of lack of GRAPHIC CARD.

Problem in GRAPHIC CARD in xiaomi notebook air

Solution of GRAPHIC CARD:

You cannot upgrade GRAPHIC CARD in this model because the motherboard is not compatible to support external GRAPHIC card. So you have to SACRIFICE for high-end graphics games.

Problem in KEYBOARD:

Problem in KEYBOARD in xiaomi notebook air
Problem in KEYBOARD in xiaomi notebook air

This laptop has a hybrid Laptop keyboard because of this there is less number of keys on keyboards. There is no separate NUM keypad which is very important for calculation purpose.

Solution of keyboard problem:

The only solution to this problem is to buy a separate keyboard and attach to this laptop. You can buy a compatible keyboard from here

Final conclusion:

In this article, I have talked about each and minor problem in Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air with there solution. For gaming, purpose does not buy this laptop as there are many alternate laptops available in the market for gaming purpose.

This laptop has the problem in Display, Graphics card, Keyboard as well as in RAM


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