hello, friends today I have come with a new post in which I am going to tell you the reason for which we should not buy security surveillance cameras for homes.
Generally, all surveillance cameras have these problems only a few surveillance cameras are safe and secure for surveillance.

So let’s get Started…

The biggest reason you should not buy security home surveillance cameras.

Robbing of surveillance cameras:

Problem in security camera

Yes, you have read it right. Generally, all portable surveillance cameras store there video data on a memory card which are inserted between them. When thief Rob our house they also ROB our Surveillance surveillance camera and all video data stored in surveillance camera also get Robbed and we don’t have any footage of thief. Thatswhy we should not buy a surveillance camera which doesn’t have any wires or work independently


To prevent this there is only one genuine easy way is to install WIRED BASED security surveillance cameras. in wired based security video data Get stored in a separate memory and if thief robbed our home surveillance camera still Video footage is saved in our database

TechReloader Real Life example:

In Mumbai in all thief activity, Mumbai police did not have any clue because of robbing of the surveillance camera by a thief. In 90% of cases, a thief robs security surveillance cameras and it becomes difficult for Mumbai police to catch the thief.

Modifying of Video data:

camera problem

Since all local surveillance camera store data on a memory card which is inserted on them and any suspicious person will get easy access to our Surveillance surveillance camera and easily remove the footage of Video clip and reinsert into the security surveillance camera and thus it prevents proofs.

Thatswhy we should not buy a surveillance camera which has a dedicated memory card.


Do not use security surveillance cameras which use a memory card to store data and also don’t give access to your surveillance camera which is not a trusted member of your family.

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security camera problem

A cheap local surveillance camera which runs on IP or WIFI have poor security. Due to the lack of security, anyone can easily hack your surveillance camera and spy on you. They can see you with your surveillance camera because they have access to your surveillance camera.

Thatswhy we should not buy a surveillance camera which has poor wireless security


Do not buy a local surveillance camera which has very poor security.

TechReloader Example:

a kid has gotten access to all surveillance camera of there street and started to play with a video clip. He started threatening people by calling him and telling his live activity

Camera Power Supply Issue:

In many local portable surveillance cameras, they take power supply from an inbuilt battery and battery life of such a surveillance camera is very poor. we don’t know when the battery got over and our surveillance camera has stopped functioning. Thatswhy we should not buy a surveillance camera which has low battery backup.


We should buy a surveillance camera which has long battery backup.

Final Words:

In this article, I informed you all the problems in security camera with some prevention method. If you like this article on security camera subscribe our mailbox now and share this article with your friends.


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