Xiaomi has recently launched SHARESAVE in BETA testing mode
In this Article, I am going to tell each and every I formation about Xiaomi ShareSaclve app.

Official Xiaomi ShareSave Get Product at 0Rs

In market there are many e-commerce websites available which decrease there product price when you Invite your friends to like that product OR purchase the same item means you have to buy the product in pair (you and your friend) then you Both will get discount on your PRODUCT, Which means you have purchased the same product in less price.

Xiaomi sharesave app Get products for free
Xiaomi sharesave app

What is ShareSave app?

Xiaomi SHARESAVE is an application which offers the product in discount price when you Purchase their product in a pair. You have to share a product with your Friends and when they purchase the same product with your link then only you will get a discount.

How to download ShareSave App?

  • Click here to Directly Download Xiaomi ShareSave app.
  • Click here to Download Xiaomi ShareSave app from Play Store

In Xiaomi ShareSave application there are three main categories which are


Home Section:

Xiaomi sharesave Home section
Xiaomi sharesave Home section

On the Home section, you will see all the products which are available for sale. If you share your product with your friend and your friend buy the same product then both of you will get a discount on that product. Means if you buy in Pair you will get a discount on both products.

How to pair up in Xiaomi ShareSave?

Xiaomi sharesave pair up
Xiaomi sharesave pair up
  • Open any Product from there Home section.
  • Click on Pair up, the share tab pop up will occur.
  • Share product with your Friends and when they purchase the same product you both will get the discount price.

Drop Section:

In the Drop section, you will see many items are available in limited quantity.
In the drop section, you have to bring your friends on that product and when they like your product through your shared link then the price will decrease. Price can decrease by up to 100%.

You can easily get Products for Free Or products at 0₹ in Xiaomi ShareSave application

How to drop Price in ShareSave?

Xiaomi sharesave drop price
Xiaomi sharesave drop price

In the drop section, you have to choose any product and click on Join. After joining you have to share the product as much as possible with your friends and your friends will help you to decrease the price.
You can buy the product in 0Rs on ShareSave application if you have enough friends which help you to decrease the price.

Kickstart Section:

What is Kickstart?

In Kickstart section of Xiaomi ShareSave app, you have to show interest in a particular product. If the shown interest meets the minimum share criteria then the product will commercially available for Sale.

Xiaomi sharesave KickStart section
Xiaomi sharesave KickStart section

For showing interest on a particular product you have to pay 0.2$ = 15Rs when a minimum number of people shows interest on their product then product will be launched for sale means you have kickstart there product and You will get 10 times discount Coupon of your paid amount.
If a product fails to kickstart you will get REFUND of your money on your original source of payment method in 7-8 business days.

How to kickstart a product?

Go to Kickstart section and click on any product.
Click on BACK IT.
Pay 0.2$ or 15Rs via debit card/net banking/credit card. (Price may vary)
After successful payment, you have successfully participated in kickstart of the product.

Xiaomi sharesave KickStart product
Xiaomi sharesave KickStart product

When the product is launched you will get 10times of your paid amount in Coupon and you can use this Coupon to buy any product in discount price.

Note: If a product fails to kickstart then you will get Refund of your money on your original source of payment method in 7-8 business days.


In this article, I have given information on the topic of How to KickStart a Product, How to get product for FREE, How to Drop Price in Xiaomi ShareSave App.


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