Recently Xiaome has launched new series Mi TV.  Xiaomi has launched Mi TV 4 PRO 55inch cost is Rs 49,999 , Mi TV 4A pro 49 inch cost 29,999 and Mi TV 4C PRO 32 inch Cost 14,999.
In past xiaomi has launched Mi TV 4A 32 inch cost 13,499.
Today we are going to compare Mi LED TV 4A and Mi TV 4C PRO (32-inch variant).
These Both TV have almost same features and specifications also price range is the same but there are many bugs in Mi Tv 4A.
Let’s start…
I am not going to waste your time so let’s start with Main Difference between MI TV 4A and MI TV 4C PRO…
compare mi led tv 4c pro 32 vs mi led smart tv 4a 32


1. Playstore

Mi LED TV 4A VS Mi LED TV 4C PRO | Comparing Mi LED TV 4A and 4C Prothe best feature which I think is very good in MI TV 4C PRO and which is not available in Mi Tv 4A is ” GOOGLE PLAYSTORE”. Yes, you have read right in Mi Tv 4C Pro you will get Play store and Google services also. In Mi TV 4A vast problem is that we cannot install any apps because there is no Play store. In Mi Tv 4A there is an option of external app installation but almost all app is not compatible with Mi TV 4A.

TechReloader Pro Tip:

Xiaome has stated that there will be update is going to launch for Mi LED TV 4a and after updating MI TV 4A you will get GOOGLE PLAYSTORE

2. Inbuilt YouTube:

Mi LED TV 4A VS Mi LED TV 4C PRO | Comparing Mi LED TV 4A and 4C Pro
In MI TV 4A there is an inbuilt web-based application for YouTube but it is too much laggy and buggy. It is very difficult to watch the video without buffering But in Mi Tv 4C Pro there is inbuilt YouTube application (same application available in an Android smartphone). This YouTube based application is very good it is not buggy and we can watch videos without lagging

3. Bluetooth Support:

Mi LED TV 4A VS Mi LED TV 4C PRO | Comparing Mi LED TV 4A and 4C Pro

In Mi Tv 4A there is no Bluetooth Support and remote is IR based because of this you have to point remote towards the TV each time. In Mi TV 4C PRO there is inbuilt Bluetooth Support and remote is also based on Bluetooth so when you turn on Tv, remote and TV will get paired automatically. Due to the Bluetooth, we don’t need to point Remote towards TV we can point remote in any direction and press the Button.

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4. Voice Assistant Commands:

In old Mi TV 4A whenever we want to search things we need to type by using Virtual Keyboard and remote. We are only able to type one letter at a time because of this it takes huge time to type a small word.
In Mi Tv 4C Pro there is voice Assistant button on remote which is very useful in many aspects. We are able to type by using voice typing. With the help of voice commands it becomes very much easy to navigate we can play the program by using voice commands, increase/decrease sound, Increases/decrease brightness etc

5. Display:

Mi LED TV 4A VS Mi LED TV 4C PRO | Comparing Mi LED TV 4A and 4C Pro

The display is the same in both the TV. You will get HD READY display. Resolution is 1366 x 768 and has view angle 178 Degrees, Refresh rate is 60 Hz and Response time is 6.5 ms.

6. Output Ports:

In both the Tv you will get the same number of output ports. It consists of 2 USB (2.0), 3 HDMI PORTS ( 1 contain ARC). 1 AV port, 1 ethernet port, and 1 headphone output port.

In both the TV you will get same dimensions 733 x 435 (without including base)

7. Video decoder:

Bith the TV has the same video Decoding technology which is MPEG1/2/4, REAL, H.265, H.264

8. Audio decoder:

Audio Decoding is also same it consists Stereo, DTS.

9. RAM and Storage:

Both the TV has the same 1Gb RAM and 8 GB internal storage.

10. Processor:

64-bit quad-core

CPU: Amlogic Cortex A53 quad-core up to 1.5GHz
GPU: Mali-450 MP3 up to 750MHz

Authors view:

Comparing Mi LED TV 4A and Mi LED TV 4C PRO, Mi LED TV 4C PRO is value for money product because it is very profitable compared all other available Tv. Mi TV 4A has many small bugs which need to e fixed to use it but in Mi LED TV 4C PRO these bugs are solved and many new features highlighting Bluetooth and Playstore and Android OREO operating system.


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