Technology has expanded every day, day by day new things are getting launched and created. Our life had become easy due to technology. We use technology every day but can it helps us in knowing whether our life partner truly loves or not??

Husband divorces his wife because he caught his wife cheating due to google…

Well, here is the case: A man had divorced his wife because he caught his wife having an affair with another guy on Google Street. It’s so incredible. So let’s talk about this scenario that had happened lately.

Full details are Below

Man divorces his wife…

A man was checking the best way to reach a famous bridge on Peruvian, the capital city of Lima using Google Street. When he was checking he saw a familiar figure of a woman sitting on a bench with a man on his lap. A woman was stroking the hair of a man.

Man first recognized that the clothes of the woman were identical to his wife. Then the man closely looked at the photo and recognized that it was her. He was very much shocked when he recognized his wife because the picture was taken by Google camera car in 2013. It was tough to believe that his wife was having an affair with another guy for 5 years.
After recognizing his wife the Peru man angrily confronted his wife about her intimate photos with another guy and the wife admitted that she was having an affair at that time.
And the couples, whose name had not been revealed had got divorced. The relatives and friends had given the information about being divorced. The man had shared the intimate photo of his wife on Facebook and other social media.

Authors review:

So friends if you are also having an affair then please make sure that this case won’t happen to you. If you are cheating on someone so please don’t meet in public places it will be good for you. Meet your Valentine in a privacy place so that you don’t get this type of trouble.


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