Xiaomi has launched its PRO series of MI TV but there are many bugs in this TV. One of the bugs is missing of autoplay option in MI TV PRO series TV. Xiaomi is working too hard to solve these bugs. Recently Xiaomi has released an Update to solve these bug and these UPDATE has come with the solution of ‘autoplay”. No input autoplay

Mi tv Pro series users have “AV DIRECT PLAY ISSUE, No option of HDMI autoplay” because of these problems Mi Tv users could not directly boot into AV or HDMI.

This bug is found in Xiaomi Mi TV 4 PRO, Xiaomi Mi TV 4A PRO, Xiaomi Mi TV 4C PRO.

so Here iss the solution of this BUG.

Get Autoplay Option in Mi TV 4/4A/4c Pro SERIES

Xiaomi Mi TV 4/4A/4C Pro AutoPlay Issue
Xiaomi Mi TV 4/4A/4C Pro AutoPlay Issue

Follow these steps to Directly boot your Xiaomi Mi Tv in HDMI or AV mode


Click on images or open in new Tab if it’s BLURRY

Step 1:

Go to Settings and then go to Inputs

The directory will be Settings>Inputs


Step 2:

Scroll down at the Bottom of the INPUT settings and

No option of HDMI autoplay
No option of HDMI autoplay

Step 3:

Turn “On” “Stay On Previous Screen” OPTION

No input autoplay
No input autoplay

Turning ‘ON’ this ‘Stay On Previous Screen’ option will let your Xiaomi Mi TV to Boot in last used MODE. For example, You are using Xiaomi Mi TV in AV mode and you turn off your Xiaomi Mi TV in AV mode then When you start the TV it will BOOT in AV mode

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If you can’t find Option of ___ then go to Settings then About then UPDATE and UPDATE your TV with the latest FIRMWARE.

The directory path will be Sttings>About>Update

Problem Solved:

No option of HDMI autoplay
No input autoplay

Final Words:

So in this article, I have given you the solution of Missing AUTOPLAY option in Mi TV PRO series. If you Still have any problem comment it below and I will help you instantly



  1. I recently bought Xiaomi Mi TV 4C PRO and can’t find this option. My TV is running on latest Android update also. Please help.

  2. Bought MI TV 4C PRO , Updated to latest version,
    But still can’t find the ” stay on the previous source ” option.
    Please help me with this.

  3. Its worked. Thank alot. This very helpfull.
    Now, the other problem is, how to make mi tv power schedule (auto on).
    Fyi. Mi tv 4a.
    Thank you.

  4. Hey i have mi tv 4a pro and i am trying to connect my laptop to tc through hdmi cable but my tv restarts and flickers when i connect every time what should i do

    • Currently this feature has not been came yet.
      If in feature it came we will definitely provide you


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