Compare Realme and Redmi | Realme VS REDMI 2019 [Updated]

Redmi and Realme both are a popular brand in the budget segment.
Today we will compare Realme and Redmi to the best brand/company for smartphones

History of Redmi:

Redmi History
Redmi History

Redmi was a subbrand of Xiaomi and in this category, Xiaomi Brings budget and lower midrange smartphone to target the common people but now Redmi is not a subbrand of Xiaomi anymore. Redmi has become an independent company.
Now Redmi Smartphone has completely changed it has new look and new design.

History of Realme:

Realme History
Realme History

Realme was a subbrand of Oppo and in this category, oppo brings the budget smartphone and this smartphone was a BUDGET KILLER SMARTPHONE, No smartphone can stand against Realme.
Due to a large number of sales and high demand for Realme smartphones, Oppo has declared Realme as an individual independent company.
Now Realme is no more working for Oppo but still, it is a subbrand of Oppo.

Both the company brings smartphone in the budget category, therefore, there is a HUGE competition between Realme and Redmi. Everyone wants to know which company is better Realme or Redmi

Day by day Requirement of the smartphone is increasing and this brands smartphone is one of the most popular smartphones in Budget category.

Topic Realme Redmi
Original Company Oppo Xiaomi
Price Value for product Value for product
Smartphone Follows Trend Follows Trend
Service Center Oppo Xiaomi
Specification Value for money value for money
Future Plans Provide best service Make smartphone cheaper
Value For Money Yes Yes
Updates Keep on Updating Keep on Updating
Community Help Oppo community help is available Xiaomi community help is available


Realme vs Redmi

Future Plans of Redmi:

As we all know Redmi has now become Independent subbrand of Xiaomi and from now Redmi will work independently.
Redmi always plans for value for money Smartphone in the budget category and we all have same expectation with Redmi in future.

Future plans of Realme:

Realme brand is becoming more and more popular in Budget category smartphones. Realme is also planning to launch budget segment smartphones with great specification.

compare Realme and Redmi
compare Realme and Redmi

Who is best Realme or Redmi?

Both the companies are best. They bring value for money  Smartphones. As per requirement, we have to choose smartphones for yourself.

Will Realme Overtake the Redmi Smartphone?

So basically both companies viz. Realme and Redmi Bring smartphone in budget category with the great specification but it is not easy to say Realme will overtake Redmi.
A Huge HEAD-ON competition has been started between Realme and Redmi.

Redmi will loose against Realme?

No, definitely No, Its is not easy to defeat Redmi but no ones knows the future. So it is possible Redmi will loose against Realme.

Realme will loose against Redmi?

The answer to this question is the same for the question ‘Redmi will loose against Realme?

Do you still have any questions for Realme or Redmi brand smartphone, ask your question in the comment section, I am always ready for your help…
Don’t be shy while asking questions 😅…

Final Words…

In this article, I have compared Realme and Redmi smartphones deeply. I have compared the price, specifications, products, value for money, etc.

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