In today’s Generation, everyone is trying to earn money from the internet (Digital marketing).

There are many ways to earn money online, the popular methods are social media platform, websites, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

The most popular method is Blogging Website. Blogging website is very popular in India.

More than 80,000 blogs are created daily all over the World

To start a normal basic blogging website we need many resources like domain name, hosting, plugins and some tools.

The main resource is Hosting. In India, almost all Blogger face the problem of hosting Since major hosting provider does not exist in India and it becomes difficult to buy hosting service from these companies because of currency problem (there are many hidden problems also exist).

The major Good news is that this problem does not exist more.  In India, there is an INDIAN COMPANY named as MilesWeb has come into the market.

In this article, I will tell you each and every information about MilesWeb and also top Reasons to choose Milesweb

India’s best Hosting Service Provider-Milesweb

Cheapest hosting Plan in India
Cheapest hosting Plan in India


MilesWeb is an Indian Company which provides Hosting and Domain Name(Included with a pack) service to India and also to other countries. MilesWeb is an Independent company.

Why choose MilesWeb?

There are many Factors to choose MilesWeb rather than any other international Hosting provider, they are as follows:

1.Data Center:

India Data Center
India Data Center

Data Center is one of the most important factors while choosing Hosting service for Website Since Datacenter will have the Data of your website. Most of the Hosting Provider provides Data Center in the US and UK which is out of India But MilesWeb Provides Datacenter in India as well as US and UK


Most of the Hosting Service provides US and UK as a data center, only a few companies provide datacenter in India but the main problem in these companies is that they provide Datacenter in India in very high price compared to US and UK datacenter but MilesWeb (India based Company) provides datacenter in India in very cheap price compared to US and UK based datacenter.

2.Malware Scan and Removal

Most of the Hosting provide website have “Malware Scan and Removal” feature but they charge extra money for this feature. In MilesWeb this feature is absolutely FREE. You don’t need to pay extra money for virus removal.

3.Payment Method

In most of the Hosting provide company currency is different and due to this, you will face a lot of hectic problems while purchasing your hosting service. For purchasing hosting from the International company you need an INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD which is not easily available . You have to travel office to office to get an INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD and if you get the INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD then you will face TAXES problem. Another option for payment they have PAYPAL but the main problem in PayPal based payment is you need to create a PayPal account and you have to follow a huge process to get a FULLY APPROVED PAYPAL account.

This Problem does not exist if you buy Hosting Service from an Indian Based company

They support payment through

  • Debit\Credit Card
  • Payumoney
  • Net Banking
  • BANK transfer
  • Wallets ( Paytm )

4.Innode OR File usage Limit

In every hosting provider company, you will find a large number of plans. You will definitely be going to see some UNLIMITED plans in which they offer every resource unlimited but there is a very big cache in these Hosting Plans.

Innode Limit
Innode Limit

You will get Every resource as UNLIMITED but you will get one limit named as INNODE/FILE USAGE LIMIT. As per this limit, they will limit the number of files which will be created while working on websites, it doesn’t matter you create a big or a small size file the onlyothing matter is NUMBERS of files and due to this limit you cannot create UNLIMITED websites.

In MilesWeb there is no INNODE/FILE USAGE LIMIT. they offer unlimited Innodes OR files Usage limit

5. Transparent system

As I have told you above there is Hidden INNODES/File USAGE limit in an unlimited hosting plan but this information is not available on hosting plan. If you chat with there executive customer care then only you will get an idea about limits. The conclusion is that there is no transparency between there plan. You will come to know about limits only when you purchase there plan and use it.

In MilesWeb there is crystal clear transparency. They will get each and every information about your plan

Indias biggest web hosting
Indias biggest web hosting

6.Demo Account

The easiest way to check limit is to check CPANEL before purchasing hosting.

In MilesWeb You will Find ‘DEMO ACCOUNT” option, In which you can check the resources.

How to get demo account in MilesWeb?

Steps to get Demo Account:

Step 1:

Click on Chat Option and ask them for DEMO account

Step 2:

Fill Out the basic information

1. Full Name
2. Organization Name
3. Email address
4. Postal Address
5. Primary domain name
6. Contact number
7. Package name
8. Billing cycle
9. Server location

Step 3:

You will get your account information. Navigate to Cpanel and test/check all the Resources and features.

Note: You don’t need to buy a domain name for trial/Demo account. Provide any domain name.

7. Refund Policy

This is the best service of MilesWeb. If you didn’t like the hosting plan then you can opt-out of hosting plan and you will get REFUND of all your money directly in your bank account. They will Return your single rupees.

Features Of milesweb hosting
Features Of milesweb hosting

8.SSD Storage

SSD storage
SSD storage

Type of storage is very Important since it decides the speed of your website. This is the biggest feature of Milesweb hosting service. Milesweb provides SSD storage rather than normal HDD storage.

SSD storage are 8 times faster than HDD

Milesweb provides SSD storage in every plan at the same price while other hosting provider provides HDD storage. For SSD storage you have to pay some extra cash to your hosting provider if you choose their hosting plan

9. Multi.php OR PHP.INI

While editing our website we always need to edit ‘.INI’ files of our websites, it is a very important feature since it decides various website activities like response time, etc. Every time when we update our website we have to update your ‘.INI’ files as well in order to maintain and improve our website.

multiphp.ini editor
multiphp.ini editor

It is an another best feature of Milesweb. You can easily edit your ‘.ini’ files with Multi.php or PHP.INI tool.

You will not get this option in Namecheap, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc hosting providers.

10.Customer Support

They have very good customer support. MilesWeb have chat support, Email Support as well as Call Support.

They will definitely Reply you instantly to your message.

Which hosting company to choose MilesWeb, Godaddy, Bluehost, Bigrock Or Hostgator?

This question is quite a difficult question.

All Hosting companies are very good but the main cache is hidden limits. After long research, I came to know companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, Bigrock Or Hostgator have many limits like INNODES.

also, you will have the benefit of SSD storage which is not available any other hosting provider in cheap price.

Milesweb features
Milesweb features

In MilesWeb there no limits of Innodes and if you found any limit then you can easily opt-out and you will get the refund of your money

What to do If you don’t satisfied with Milesweb hosting service?

In this case, MilesWeb has a great feature named as REFUND policy. If you didn’t like/satisfies with Milesweb ask for a refund. You will get the refund of your money at a lightning speed .

Does Milesweb is affiliated with any company?


MilesWeb Affiliate Program

MilesWeb is a standout amongst the best member program present in the computerized present reality as it procures all the more then what you anticipate. The commission rate which they give are as per the following

Commission are as follows:

Case 1:

1 – 3 deals for every month = 30% commission

Case 2:

4 – 6 deals for every month = 40% commission

Case 3:

7+ deals every month = half commission

Some small but great impact features are as follows:

  • 1000 Sign-up Bonus
  • No Sign-up Fees (0 Rs or 0$)
  • half Commission (When you refer 7+ member in a month)
  • Cookies Duration 365 Days

How to get Payout from MilesWeb Affiliate program?

when reaching to threshold limit (3000 Rs) You can apply for payment

Commission Earning is directly transferred to your Bank Account.


In India, Milesweb is the best hosting provider.

It has many features which are not available in many other hosting service providers (Read above article to know these features).

They don’t have any hidden limit like Innodes/File Usage limit. Their system is clearly transparent.

They are always ready to REFUND your money if you didn’t satisfied with the product/Service.


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