Recently Apple has launched his new phones viz. iPhone max, iPhone max pro in India which starting cost is around 1 lakh. Today I am going to tell all the bugs present in iPhone which is spotted by the user. Apple has launched his huge cost phones in India but hasn’t thought about the bugs in the phone.
apple iPhone has become the only dream of middle-class people as his cost is too much that they can’t afford and people who buy the phone didn’t get much performance they are getting big bugs which causing problem

2bugs of Apple iPhone


2nd Bug:

let me talk about the second bug first since it is spotted in last 2 day.
apple iPhone has the feature of STEREO sound in their phone. whenever a user plays music we are able to hear sound from the lower speaker and upper call speaker but in these new phones sound is coming only from down speaker there is no sound from the upper speaker. apple is taking huge money for its iPhone and can’t solve its bugs before launching and selling. Due to this Bug iPhone user have become aggressive and complaining about their problem to apple by using social media like Reddit, twitter, etc

1st Bug:

This Bug is a huge mistake in iPhone phone since it related to the main component of iPhone which is the battery. Apple iPhone when plugged in charging (when Apple iPhone is in idle mode) they are not charging, it means if you plugged your iPhone and didn’t ON the screen of the smartphone then your phone will not charge. You have to turn your phone ON then you have to plug in the charger.

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Apple iPhone in India was sold only half since there price is too much and in the market, there is a large number of killer phones are available which will kill iPhone and have very low cost compared to Apple iPhone max

Apple Reply:

after such a big mistake in iPhone XS MAX and after listening from users apple haven’t given any reply to users.
apple has become silent after listening to his iPhone bugs/problems.

Author Point of View:

as per my aspects apple is taking the huge cost for there iPhone then at least Apple should solve there all the bugs and then have to come in market. Also apple this iPhone cost is very huge and in the market, there is a large number of smartphones are available which is a KILLER of Apple iPhones.

Final words:

so friends today I have given you bugs/problem of Apple iPhone on the topic “Apple iPhone bugs, 1 more bug spotted”. Like, share with your friends on social and let them know why not to buy APPLE NEW iPhones. also, subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email id in subscriber box


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