Did You know you can control your Smartphone with your small gadget EARPHONES, you can call, send messages, take photos, change the song, pause songs etc you can do with your earphones.

We all have a small gadget which is named as earphones but we don’t know its many other features. we know only one thing of earphone which is “Listening Audio from a smartphone” but with the help of earphones, we can control our smartphones with earphones which many users don’t know.

After a lot of research and practically performed I have come with this life hacks.

So today I am going to share information of topic “How to control your smartphone with earphones” and “9 things you can do with your Earphones“.

So let’s start…

9 things you should know about your earphones


Control your smartphones with Earphones

1. Pause/Play song with earphone

9 things you should know about your earphones
Connect your smartphone with earphones and press “earphone button”. When you press the earphone button song will automatically start to play the songs and when you press again earphone button it will get pause because of this information you don’t need to open your smartphone to play/pause the smartphone.

2. Change the next song without touching the smartphone

Normally for changing thy song we open the smartphone and click next option to play next song but we can do this earphone without touching smartphone. To change the song double press “earphone button” now you can hear the next song without touching the smartphone.

9 things you should know about your earphones


3. Change the Previous song without touching the smartphone

We can also change the song in the backward direction. To change the song in backward direction triple time press “Earphone button”. Now you can hear the last song

4. Make a Call

9 things you should know about your earphones
You can also make calls with your earphones without touching the smartphone.
For making a call PRESS and HOLD earphone button then Google assistant will get a trigger and then say “CALL PERSON_NAME” after listening to your sound google assistant will try to find the name in contact and automatically call that person

TechReloader TIP: 

You can also say phone number to google assistant to make a call
eg.) call 1234567890

5. Accept or Decline a CALL

While listening song if you get a call you can accept the call easily by pressing ‘Earphone Button’ after this if you wish to disconnect the call then again press the ‘Earphone button’

6. Take Selfie/Photos

9 things you should know about your earphones
Many times while taking selfie or photo it becomes difficult to reach the shutter button instead of this you can also use your earphones. Connect your earphones with Smartphone and then press ‘Earphone Button’ when you press the button camera will take a photo.

Error solving while taking photos with Earphones:

Sometimes when you press earphone button instead of taking photos it will start playing the song to tackle this issue go to camera settings and make sure you enabled the option ” VOLUME BUTTON TO SHUTTER”

7. Send Text Messages

9 things you should know about your earphones
You can also send text messages using your earphones. For sending text message press and hold earphone button then google assistant will popup then say “SEND A MESSAGE” you can also say “SEND MESSAGE TO PERSON_NAME” then google assistant will ask you person name and after that message say both to google assistant and confirm it, after this google assistant will send message to the given name

TechReloader PRO TIPS:

You can also send a message to a number by saying  that “SEND MESSAGE TO PERSON_NUMBER”
eg.) SEND MESSAGE TO 1234567890

8. Send WhatsApp Message

9 things you should know about your earphones
Yes, you have read right you can also send WhatsApp messages to any person which is in your contact.
For sending a WhatsApp message press and hold earphone button when google assistant pop up then say “SEND A WHATSAPP MESSAGE” then he will ask about person name and message say it and confirm it.

TechReloader PRO TIP:

You can also read messages in the form of audio by using google assistant. Press and hold earphone button and say “READ WHATSAPP MESSAGE”. 

9 things you should know about your earphones

9. Gather information using your earphones

Sometimes while listening to music or during a call, you need some information about a particular topic lets say TAJMAHAL at that time you will start messing with your phone you will probably do a google search

So rather than doing this you can use your earphones press and hold earphone button and say “What is Tajmahal” you will get the information of the TajMahal in Audio from google assistant

9 things you should know about your earphones

Final Words

So today I have shared you a very useful information of earphones which is not mentioned by anyone. to get the latest information and such life hack subscribe our newsletter


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