Today I have come with some hacks for your old smartphones. whenever we buy a new smartphone we always think what to do with an old smartphone. so today I have figured out some very useful uses an old smartphone. my tricks will work on both the type of phones including bar phones and smartphones. with these uses old phones are no more burdens for us and also we are not gonna give it to our relatives

Uses of old smartphones
Day by day our technology requirement is increasing drastically whenever a new technology based phone launched we get a surge of buying that technology as fast as possible but we didn’t think about our old gadgets. when new smartphones come in our hand’s old smartphones become a garbage for us. Due to this ton of e-waste is increasing day by day
so let’s get started

Top 3 uses of your old smartphones

1. GPS tracking

Uses of old smartphones

Insert a sim card on your old smartphones or bar phones (this will work on both the phones) and then place your old smartphone or bar phones in your car or any other types of equipment, vehicle, etc which you want to make trackable. After that, you have to do only one thing is to charge your device fully in 2-3 days
and place it again in your vehicle without hesitation .
whenever you think your car is stolen or lost then contact your SIM service provider and ask them to track down your SIM location within few minutes you will get your stolen car location.
Sometimes you needed NOC( no objection certificate) for asking SERVICE PROVIDER to track your number. For NOC just do a small FIR complain at your nearby police station and send the fir copy to your service provider after that they will track down your SIM number location

TechReloader Pro Tip:

You can also put your old or blocked SIM in your old smartphones or bar phones

2. Using as a POWERBANK

Yes, you have read right you can use your old smartphones as a power bank to charge your other
device fully.
in this case, your old smartphones should have some requirements.

Uses of old smartphones



  • Your smartphone should support OTG connection
  • You should have an OTG adapter
  • a USB cable
Now fully charge your old smartphone which has OTG connection after that connect your OTG adapter with your old smartphone and then connects your device with your smartphone via USB cable.

3. Using as an Experiment tester equipment

Uses of old smartphonesnowadays there is a trend of custom ROM, smartphone patches, root, etc and for testing these on your Normal phone will cause many problems like Bricking your phone, Voiding of your phone warranty, Misbehaving of your phone. due to such reason, we never perform these activities on our phone but we know if it works then there will a substantial positive effect on your smartphone. With the help of custom ROMs, we can get latest operating system eg.,) android pie 9.0 without waiting for getting official OTA update and also our phone provider didn’t give an update for our old smartphones. We can hack games, apps, etc

Final words from Author:

So friends today I have given you all idea about your old smartphones. I personally use this tricks and tips on mine old smartphones. It takes a long time to write this post so just support me taping bell icon on your DOWN RIGHT-HAND SIDE and enter your email so you never miss an update of our blog website

Uses of old smartphones




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