Uses of Old sim
In our day to day life we use sim cards to connect our phone with the world and everyone buys a new sim card and don’t think about what to do with the old sim. Rather than throwing old sim in garbage we can use it for personal purpose (mentioned below).
Today I have come with 3 hacks/tricks of the old sim

3 uses of Old SIM

1. Using SIM CARDS as a memory card

Memory Computer Sd Card Electronics Storage Medium

Sim card can be used as a normal memory card since then have 128Kb memory
many people will think what we can do with 128kb so I tell you

we can keep more than 200+ Contacts in one sim cards and also more than 100+ SMS.

(this will also work in the blocked sim)

FACT: The world first successful processor 8085 have only 64Kb memory and nowadays our sim cards have twice memory compared to 8085 processor

old sim cards uses

2. Using as SIM CARDS as a tracking gadget no GPS REQUIRED
We can also use the old/blocked sim for tracking purpose.
Just insert your old/block sim in any phone including bar phones and smartphones and then turn your phone ON. now you can track your sim card with the help of your sim service provider. Just call your service provider and give your sim details including sim card number and they will track your sim in few minutes


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