“Oh we have uploaded a new photo but there are few likes only let’s use auto liker” after that, we use the auto liker tool but did you know the biggest mistake in this I don’t think so. So today I will tell the mistake while using auto liker

so let’s get started…

10k Likes in One click, Biggest Hidden Script in Auto Liker

Working of autoliker:

Primarily auto liker uses a fake account which is created by an auto liker company and likes your post by using these fake account but there is a small change nowadays now auto liker uses an old account and also getting more account.


Problem/Hidden Script:

get free likes

when we use this autoliker we have to generate Facebook access token but there is a big cache, when we give our Access token to third-party auto liker we risk our privacy. Autoliker company uses our account to provide likes to other accounts. It means we will be liking photos of unknown people which we don’t know.

We can say that our account is got hacked…

TechReloader Pro Information:

With the help of Facebook access token, anyone can get access to your profile, they can see our chats, photos, send messages, etc to other people.

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How to check Our account is got hacked by Autoliker?

10k Likes in One click, Biggest Hidden Script in Auto Liker

There are straightforward steps to check whether an account is being hacked by Autoliker or not.
Log in to your Facebook account
Go to the account activity section
check there that did you have like or follow any unknown person which you don’t know.

After account got hacked how to secure it again with autoliker?
How to recover the account back?

10k Likes in One click, Biggest Hidden Script in Auto Liker

It is a quite easy task. You can quickly recover your account by disconnecting auto liker with your Facebook account.
You have to do only a small thing is “change the password” of your Facebook account. Autoliker has only access to your with Access token if you change the password access code will regenerate/changed.

TechReloader Tip:

Sometimes after changing the password, our Access token require some time to change . Usually, 90% times access token get changed instantly but in the case of 10%, it requires 2-7 days.

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So, friends, I have given you every information that how our account gets hacked when we use auto liker and how to prevent them. If you like the post share this post on social and let your friends know about auto liker biggest problem


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